A Little Bit Zombie, Comedy, ALBZ Productions, Dir. Casey Walker

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor, Comedy, Adman Productions, Dir. Zach Bernbaum

Against The Wild, TV Movie, Against The Wild Productions, Dir Richard Boddington

Frat Pack, Comedy, Circus Road Productions, Dir. Michael Philip

As Sole (or Main) Audio Recordist

Planete BRBR, French-language musical audition/elimination show (10 x 1 hour, TFO) Dir. Gaelle LeGrande

The Grizzly Cup, Season 1 Banger Films, Kid’s adventure (2 x 1 hr Disney Kids) Dir. Rae Upton

Bake: with Anna Olsen (Season 1) PeacePoint productions, Cooking (40 x 1/2 hour Food Network) Dir. Marc Simard

Skatoony (Seasons 1& 2 in English and French) Kid’s Game show, Marblemedia 52 x 1/2 hour

The Adrenaline Project (Seasons 1-3), Marblemedia, Youth Stunt Show (39 x 1/2 hr YTV) Dir. Casey Walker et al

Taste Buds,  (Seasons 1, 2 & 3) Marblemedia, Youth cooking show (13 x 1/2 hr, TVO) Dir. Casey Walker, Steve Diguier

Are We There Yet?, Sinking Ship Productions, kids world adventure (67 x 7 min Treehouse) Dir. JJ Johnson

This is Emily Yeung, Sinking Ship Productions, kids adventure (67 x 7 min Treehouse/TVO) Dir. JJ Johnson

The Devil’s Brigade, Frantic Films, Living History (4 x 1 hr History Channel) Dir. Don Young

Destination Nor’Ouest, (Season 1) Rivard/Charbonneau, Reality-DOC (8 x 1 hour TFO/TVA) Dir. Martin Cadotte

This is Daniel Cook (Season 1), Sinking Ship Productions, kids adventure (67 x 7 min Treehouse/TVO) Dir. JJ Johnson

Room to Grow (Season 1), AJE Productions, Gardening Lifestyle (13 x 1/2 hour Global) Dir. Craig Moffit

The Underlying Threat, (a film about groundwater pollution), NFB, DOC, Dir. Kevin Matthews Prod. Rex Tasker

As part of the sound team

Big Brother Canada (Seasons 1-5)  Insight Productions, Sound Supervisor Kent Ford

Splatalot (Season 2) MarbleMedia (13 x 1/2 hour children’s stunt show) (A2 under Phil Hay)

Mudpit, Cookie Jar Productions, Youth drama (13 x 1/2 hour Teletoon) Dir Various, (Boom Operator for Phil Hay)

Cash and Cari, Cineflix, Reality (13 x 1/2 hour, History Channel) Dir. Dennis Beauchamp (selected episodes)

Guinea Pig, Frantic Films, Reality/Education, (1/2 hour episodes, Discovery) Dir. Jeff Newman (selected episodes)

Punched Up!, Indivisual Productions, Sit-com (13 x 1/2 hr, Comedy Network) Dir. Ian MacDonald (shared credit)

Country Couples, Higher Ground Productions, Lifestyle - DOC (13 x 1/2 hr CMT) Dir. Chas. Hay (selected episodes)

Skin Deep, Innercity Films, Lifestyle (1/2 hour episodes) Sup. Producer Susan Tonna (selected episodes Season 5 & 6)

Quest For the Lost Tribes, Associated Producers, DOC  Dir. Simcha Jacobovici (additional sound)

Black, Bold and Beautiful, Sienna Films, DOC, Dir. Nadine Valcin (additional sound)

Awards and Nominations

Best Audio: "Assignment + Friday Night Rocks" Fundy Cable (Won)

Best Audio: "Quest for the Lost Tribes" (Nominated)