Full Day: (10 working hours + one hour break): $700

Half Day: MUST be pre-negotiated (5 working hours):  $420

Late Night Premium: $250 premium applies to any single-day booking or last day of a multi-day booking ending at or after 3 am as this negates the possibility of taking work the next day.

In the case of a half-day booking Todio Inc. will inform client if there is a hard release time required

Working hours are from Call to Release (or Scheduled Release whichever is greater)

When day involves travel charges are from portal to portal.

All out-of-town days are full days regardless of day length or amount of work done.  


Base Kit $350/day regardless of day length

Additional rentals to be approved in writing.


1.5X Overtime after 10+1 hours is $105.00 per hour ($700/10=$70x1.5=$105)

2X Overtime after 12+1 hours is $140.00 per hour

3X Overtime after 14+1 hours is $210.00 per hour

There is no overtime on a half day.  Half-days going longer than 5 hours will be charged as full days.

Overtime (3 x rate) applies to hours interfering with a 10-hour turnaround on multi-day bookings

Overtime applies to missed meal unless permission is specifically given in advance.

6th & 7th day: In the event a job requires work for 6 consecutive shoot days, the rate for the first ten (10) hours worked on the 6th day shall be 1.5x times the basic hourly rate. Work performed in excess of 10+1 hours shall be paid at 2x times the basic hourly rate. Work performed in excess of 12+1 hours shall be paid at 3x times the hourly rate. In the event a job requires work for 7 consecutive days or more, the rate for the first ten 10+1 hours worked on the 7th day shall be two 2x times the basic hourly rate. Work performed in excess of ten 10+1 hours and above shall be paid at three 3x times the basic hourly rate.


$65/day including travel days, payable in cash, in advance.

Per Diem is in US$ if outside Canada, 60€ if in an EUC country.


Use of personal vehicle to get to a location and back within the boundaries of the GTA area is not billed. Beyond the GTA boundaries, or, if the vehicle is used to move any equipment or crew for production, then the car allowance is $0.55/km + applicable parking and tolls.


$2.00/9v/day, $1.00/AA/day

Recording media at cost + 15% (or supplied by client)

     Unsure how big a card to get? CLICK HERE for a calculator.

     CLICK HERE for a list of Sound Devices approved media.


All travel days within Canada are charged as half days unless travel exceeds 5 hours from call at airport to release at destination (hotel or home) in which case a full day applies.

All travel days to USA are charged as full days as this usually involves significant preparation and arrival at the airport as much as 3 hours prior to scheduled flight to deal with Customs issues.

All travel days to International destinations are charged as a full day PLUS any overtime incurred.

• Notwithstanding the above, any travel day where any work is to be performed (including location scouting) will be charged at a Full-Day rate regardless of day length.  Overtime applies after 10+1 hours.


For assignments necessitating an overnight stay the client will supply a standard 3-star or better hotel room close to the shoot location.


I have a Canadian passport and am available to travel.  For assignments requiring air travel the client is to supply one round-trip economy airfare from Toronto Pearson International (CYYZ) or Billy Bishop Airport (CYTZ) to the airport closest to the destination as well as ground transportation while in the destination.  I prefer bulkhead/emergency exit seating as I am tall and these seats generally have more leg-room. I have a clean driving record, an International Driving License and can/will drive if requested.  Carnet and all travel documentation and visas are to be arranged by the client.  Air Canada is my preferred carrier.  As an Elite Aeroplan member, I have a higher baggage allowance on Air Canada and members of the Star Alliance.


Less than 48 hours to call 50%,

Less than 24 hours to call 100%


All invoices are Net 30 days.  

TODIO INC. offers a 2% discount for payment in full within 10-days.

Overdue invoices subject to 10% collection charge

**ALL New Clients: First invoice is COD**

**ALL Out of Ontario Clients, INVOICE IS COD**

**ALL Out of Canada Clients, INVOICE IS COD and payable in US$**


TODIO INC. accepts check or major credit cards (via PayPal, 3% fee applies)

$50 handling fee and collection charges apply on all NSF payments.

TODIO INC. reserves right to hold Final files until invoices are paid in full.

TODIO INC. retains copyright over all recordings until Invoices are paid in full.